HEIMANA M. YAP is the owner of TUPUNA SPIRITS. Originally from Tahiti also known as French Polynesia, Heimana moved to Hawaii to study Fine Arts and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Instructional Design Development. He learned the Maori/New Zealand and Hawaiian carvings at the Polynesian Cultural Center while working as a woodcarver. Many of his carvings had been purchased from people from all over the world. Today you can find some of his work in Hawaii and Tahiti. In 2008, he decided to open his own company and named it TUPUNA SPIRITS meaning The Ancestors Spirits. Each of his pieces of artwork has significant meaning in telling the story of Polynesia. In 2011, TUPUNA SPIRITS relocated to Olympia Washington where all of Heimana's artworks are displayed at many of the Polynesian festivals and other state fairs in Wahington State.

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